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About Us

Nicholas St Jon

Nicholas has been a believer since 1972 receiving Christ at a Southern Baptist revival meeting in the little town of Sedgwick, Kansas. Went to church with my high school friends at the United Methodist Church there in Sedgwick.
In the early eighties ended up in a cult for 5 years and was eventually given the left boot of fellowship when I encountered an empowering by the Holy Spirit which lead to casting out demons, street preaching, and healings.
Over the years I've fellowhiped with Four Square, Vineyards, PDI, and mostly non-denominational churches and prefer House Churches.
Was involved with the "Serve Day" ministries of southern California at the beginning of the 21st century which was the birth of the idea for the ministry of living a lifestyle of serving our communities throughout the year instead of for just one day.
I've been a programmer and systems developer for 40 years having written my first program while serving in the US Navy on a Fleet Ballistic Missle nuclear submarine in the late 70's.
Fulfilled a childhood goal of working on the manned space flight program by working on the Space Shuttle from 1982-1986 and left after the Challenger disaster.
My gifting is to find ways to make anything and everything more efficient and it started with my first program on that submarine that took an 8 hour task down to just 1 minute. You can see more of these types of projects at The Nicholas Factor website

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to help the people of God encourage and support each other better.
We should start with our own congregations, doing business with each other if possible, if not, then with a fellow Believer from another fellowship in our town or city, and finally with the World if no other options exist.
In doing so, we hope that everyone is running their business with integrity and as "unto the Lord", offering great services and products.
We should also be willling to pay fair prices and not demanding or manipulating our brothers and sisters into reducing their prices for us because we are fellow Believers.
Ultimately, if a customer does not receive goods and services commensorate with what they paid, they should address this with the owner and then vote with their wallets by taking their business elsewhere.
Likewise, if we have received outstanding services and goods, please recommend that business to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.