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Demos Page

Demo Explanation

There are 4 churches entered for demonstration purposes.
  • 3 businesses in the 3rd Assembly of God church located in Juno
  • 4 businesses in the 7th Baptist church located in Ankorage
  • 8 businesses in the Body of Christ Ministries located in Anytown
  • 1 business in the Fourth Presbyterian church located in Anytown
You can leave the "search" field blank and the system will show you ALL businesses from that church as well as others that do business in the city of that church.
Test search words of: dogs, house, paint, trucks, property, plumber, financial, guns or choose your own to see the results.
Results are broken down
  • first by businesses in your church
  • then businesses in the same city as your church but from other churches
  • listing of businesses in churches not from your city but listed in your city
  • businesses that are listed nationally.

Demo Search


Business Sign up

Below is a button like what you will put on your own church website so that businesses can sign up for the Church Biz Helps service and get listed.