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Doing Business with Local Church Businesses

One way to show our encouragement and support is to do business with a business owner that goes to the same church or fellowship that we go to.
To make it easy to find those businesses, Church Biz Helps was formed.

The Three Parts That Make This Work

Quick and easy registration, signup, and lookups


First a church needs to register so they can obtain the one line of code that identifies them so they can put it on their website and encourage businesses to sign up. It's Free plus they will get 10% of the fees paid by businesses they sign up.


Each business will need to be affiliated with a church by clicking on the button on the church's website. Then completing the details of the business and search terms. See pricing. You will also be able to get listed in a city, town, or region and if you do business nationally, at the national level as well.


Members will be able to look up businesses from their church with search terms, business name, owner first or last name, as well as those listed in a city, town, or region with church affiliations.


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